Tight Timelines with TEK-CO

Tight Timelines with TEK-CO

Article by Becka Shepherd

Fellow Boston Business, TEK-CO are one of our most treasured clients here at Electrical Testing UK, we’ve formed a great partnership and it’s always a joy to visit their site and install or test their electrical work.

Electrical Testing working within Tight Timelines

Recently we completed an installation of new electrical mains feeding a submain Hager fuseboard with MCCBs and MCB circuit protection all in one board. TEK-CO required a large supply for a new laser machine and further submain for welding bays.

Next, we completed a lighting upgrade to their LEDs, taking the pix levels from nearly zero to 1000 lux, allowing for quality and detailed work conditions. Not forgetting reducing power consumption and cost savings of £3162/ year with a carbon reduction of 12,387kg. Who can say no to saving money on their energy bills and brighter working conditions?!

At TEK-CO all of their welding bays have individual fuseboards, which allows for future expansion. We don’t like to just solve our customers problems right now, we like to future proof our installations so that our customers are fully satisfied for years to come.

Electrical Testing UK also installed individual light switching in two places so that when work is not being carried out in certain areas lighting can be switched off. More money saving for our happy customers!

All of this was done within tight time constraints, lighting designs and drawings supplied by the client. Something that we are more than used to here at Electrical Testing UK. Not only is no job too big, but no timeline is too tight (well, within reason). We pride ourselves on not only meeting expectations but exceeding them both now and for your future needs.

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Tight Timelines with TEK-CO